Tips for Smart Snacking

How can you make snacking a healthy habit?  Here are four simple tips.Apples

1. Plan

Plan out your snacks in advance and bring them with you so that impulsive decisions don’t derail you. The healthy food you bought doesn’t do you any good if it’s sitting in your refrigerator or your pantry at home while you’re out making an unhealthy selection from the vending machine.  Being prepared is half the battle.

2. Eat Real Food

Real food is food from nature – think plants, nuts, seeds, or eggs – that’s prepared using healthful ingredients, designed to nourish and sustain. Refined and processed foods aren’t even really foods at all. Michael Pollan refers to them as “edible food like substances.” It’s like the old Coca-Cola tagline – stick with The Real Thing (as long as that “thing” isn’t soda!).

3. Choose Carefully

Not all calories are created equal. Same goes for fats and grains. By choosing wisely, you can fuel your body with good energy. Some suggestions: carrots & hummus, nuts, apples, plain yogurt with fruit, edamame, rice cakes with nut butter.  You can find a recipe for Blueberry-Quinoa Pancakes on my Recipes page – they’re portable, filled with protein and delicious!

4. Pay Attention

Tune into your appetite. Listen to what your body is telling you. Is your stomach rumbling? Does it feel empty? Is it hard to focus? Ask yourself whether you’re really hungry (or if it’s something else, like being thirsty) before deciding to eat. And notice when you’re getting full – stop eating before you’re stuffed. Remember this is a snack, not a meal.

Snack away!

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