Valentine’s Day Love

How do you show someone you love them? Well, if it’s Valentine’s Day (which is just around the corner) traditionally you do it by giving them a giant box of chocolate.



Of course, Valentine’s Day is only a few weeks removed from the extravagant meals and decadent desserts you shared with your loved ones on New Year’s. And right before that, it was the December holidays, filled with cookies, cakes and pies.

See a trend here? Too often, we conflate love and celebration with sugar. And all that sugar isn’t good for you.

I don’t want to spoil the party, but I’m here to remind you that too much sugar is unhealthy.  It can stress your organs, cause obesity, increase your likelihood for metabolic syndrome, and cause you to feel fatigued.  Which is the opposite of what we want for our loved ones (and ourselves).

So, instead of consuming sugary foods and stressing your body on holidays, care for it instead. And do the same for your loved ones.  Show some HEALTHY love!

Here are a few sweet ways to treat yourself – and others – on Valentine’s Day:

  • Time – either time to yourself or time with a loved one
  • Massage – alone or with a partner
  • Painting
  • Dancing
  • A new hobby – something that you have always wanted to try
  • Music – enjoy a concert

And of course, occasional sweets are fine – remember to keep them for special occasions!

How will you celebrate Valentine’s Day?

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