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  • In the Summer-Fall 2014 edition of MSInteractions

In 2005, when I was first diagnosed with RRMS, I remember asking my doctor what I could do to help myself (beyond taking medication).  Should I change my diet?  Was there something I should stop eating…or start eating?  What about vitamins?  Would exercise make a difference?

What I really wanted to know was if there were changes I could make in my life that, while they might not cure me, would help me feel better, both mentally and physically.

And while it’s impossible to know whether any of the changes I subsequently made have impacted my health, or whether what I’ve experienced is simply the course of my disease or the efficacy of my meds, I am grateful that I’m doing well.

As part of my exploration of the ways in which diet and nutrition can impact health, a few years ago I enrolled in the Institute for Integrative Nutrition; through the program, I became a Certified Health Coach.

The expression “I have MS, but MS doesn’t have me” really captures something about the way I’ve learned to live with MS (or better yet, to live my life in spite of it).  I’ve learned to embrace my disease.  It’s part of me – it makes me who I am.  And like so many of you, it has shown me my strengths.


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