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What's a Health Coach?

That's the first question a lot of people ask when I tell them what I do. There's a simple answer: as a holistic Health Coach, I help people set goals and stay focused as they work towards becoming a healthier person. What makes me qualified…

Valentine's Day Love

How do you show someone you love them? Well, if it's Valentine's Day (which is just around the corner) traditionally you do it by giving them a giant box of chocolate. Of course, Valentine's Day is only a few weeks removed from the extravagant…

Right Now

So, last night I got a call from my son’s summer camp, asking if we’re planning to send him back in August.  Later, I found myself researching houses in Cape Cod, because if we want to go this summer, we need to book a place soon or there…
Happy New Year

Happy New Year!

Welcome to 2013!   If you’re like many people, you probably just made some New Year’s resolutions. And if any of those resolutions have to do with dieting, you might want to read this article from The New York Times.  Here’s a synopsis:…