Simple Strategies for Healthy Living

 with a Focus on Multiple Sclerosis and Chronic Illness

Ready to take control of your health?
You can feel energized, stop mindlessly eating, eliminate your sugar cravings and achieve your goals!

With my tools and strategies, you can:

  • Clean up your diet – and embrace healthy foods
  • Take control of your own care
  • Get rid of the cravings
  • Finally lose the weight – and feel good at the same time!
  • Be supported by an experienced Coach
  • Reach your goals – and keep them!

As a Certified Health Coach who’s been living with MS for 10 years, I have a unique perspective on chronic illness and how small changes can make a big impact. Read my story to find out more about my background and why I do what I do.

How To Get Started

  • Want an overview of my approach? Click here to see how making time to focus on your health – balance, exercise, diet, career – can impact all aspects of your life. Contact me to find out more about how I can help you. Set up a complimentary breakthrough session with me – we’ll work together to improve your energy, strength and balance through nutrition, exercise and self care. I provide support and accountability that will help you create healthier habits!
  • Do you know where you want to be in 3 months or 6 months and ready to get started? Click here to set up a FREE breakthrough session. I offer one-on-one individualized coaching designed to help you control your cravings, fight fatigue, and achieve your wellness goals, for life.

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Multiple Sclerosis 101

People who aren’t familiar with Multiple Sclerosis often say that they don’t know anyone who has it. But MS can be an “invisible” disease…and so the truth is, many people may not realize that they actually do know someone living with MS. That’s one reason why people with Multiple Sclerosis talk about the frustration it […]

Testimonials From Our Customers

I found Ms. Holzman’s presentation the most valuable part of the day.

healthcare professional attending a conference hosted by the National MS Society

Elissa was very professional and made the whole presentation enjoyable.

Larry, New City, NY

Elissa helped me with my awareness of my eating habits and what I should eat vs what’s available…fake food vs real food. I would highly recommend Elissa. She is a superb listener and will offer creative, flexible ways to incorporate healthy eating habits into your busy lifestyle.

Cate, Croton, NY

Elissa helped me work toward my goals through positive reinforcement and encouragement at each session. She provided the guidance I needed to get in tune with my eating habits and recognize how these habits affect my overall well-being. In addition, she…assisted me in striving towards a balance, not perfection, with my whole being.

Melissa, Tarrytown, NY

In our workshop, Elissa was approachable, responsive and professional…[she] presented [information] knowledgeably and authoritatively…All the feedback from the participants was positive…I recommend Elissa Holzman highly.

Nancy, Croton, NY

Elissa was very professional and extremely helpful…[she] provided a safe and gentle approach…which allowed me to explore my emotional connection to foods…I would absolutely recommend Elissa to anyone and everyone who seeks help, advice and understanding of food.  This was a wonderful learning experience for me on many levels.

Lori, Peekskill, NY
Elissa and I have worked together  for about a year. With a depth, breadth and passion in and for what she does, she’s provided support and guidance  in ways I haven’t been able to find elsewhere.
Daryl, Highland, NY

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